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> Novel without added sulfites

> Novel without added sulfites

Novello without added sulfites


11° vol | 750 ml | Vino Fermo Piwi

Piwi wine from resistant grapes. Certified Organic and Vegan Wine


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Wine highlights


Ruby red with intense violet hues.





Distinguishing marks

Piwi wines are an experimental research project toward zero-impact agriculture. The label of this wine is narrative: flip through it and read about our journey into the Piwi era!

Food pairings

Charcuterie and cheese

Pumpkin risotto

Pumpkin gnocchi with gorgonzola cheese

Mushroom risotto


wine characteristics

Our Novello IGT Veneto without added sulfites organic is a wine made from Piwi grapes, that is, from resistant vines. A wine where the whole philosophy of the winery is concentrated: organic quality, vegan certification, no added sulfites and from this year produced with resistant grapes. A very harmonious and velvety wine with scents of violet, blueberry and with a color with very intense violet reflections; absolutely "different" aromas and scents. Novello wine is that produced by the carbonic maceration method of winemaking, and its best known feature is that it is put on sale in the same year as the harvest.

Merlot Khorus, Cabernet Cortis.

100% CARBON MACERATION: Clusters of freshly picked, unstemmed grapes are tipped into an airtight tank, which is saturated with carbon dioxide, for about 1 week. Inside the vessel, the clusters at the bottom remain crushed by the weight of the grapes above. The natural crushing of the berries produces the formation of must, which begins to ferment, thus producing alcohol and additional carbon dioxide. At its end, the must is pressed and placed in a vat where, in a few days, it will finish the transformation of sugars into alcohol and malolactic fermentation will begin. Carbonic maceration promotes the formation of wine aromas, with important fruity hints of strawberry, raspberry, and berries. In addition, there will be an enrichment in glycerin, which will give great smoothness to the wine.

We recommend serving this wine at a temperature of 12-14°C.

YEAR 2021


Ranked 3rd in the red wine category at the 1st Edmund Mach Foundation 2021 National Piwi Wines Review.

Something more

A label that narrates the journey to increasingly sustainable agriculture!
Novello was our first wine made from grapes from resistant vines, more internationally definitive PIWI vines. A wine where the whole philosophy of the winery is focused: organic quality, vegan certification, no added sulfites and from this year produced from resistant grapes . A very harmonious and velvety wine with aromas of violet, blueberry and color with very intense violet hues; absolutely "different" aromas and scents. The label of our Novello is "telling," we invite you to read all the stages of our journey into the world of PIWI!


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