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Shipping orders ONLY within Italian territory. 

Organic Wine Club

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Visit the Account page then click "Forgot your password?" and enter your email address. Within a few minutes you will receive an email with a link to reset your password. For further assistance, please contact us.

You will need to recreate a new profile from scratch using a new email by clicking REGISTER. It is not possible for us to retrieve your password because it is protected by privacy and sensitive data.

By clicking on register, you will create a basic account with shipping fees charged, in case there is no interest in joining the wine club. 

By clicking on "join wine club" instead, you will create a wine club account with free shipping.

It is necessary that all required fields: NAME, SURNAME, TAX CODE, BILLING ADDRESS, TELEPHONE, MAIL and EVENTUAL SHIPPING ADDRESS (if different from billing address) must be filled out accurately and completely. If not La Cantina will not be able to process your order.

No, you must enter the correct and complete CF corresponding to the first and last name you entered: the CF is mandatory in order to issue your sales invoice. Otherwise, the order will not be processed.

Through this tool we want to create a dialogue with you by creating an organic community with all those customers who, like you, share a passion for organic wine. By joining our wine club you will have many benefits to enjoy both on line in our e-commerce and off line for a trip to a winery in the Treviso area.

Learn about the benefits of the Pizzolato Winery Organic Wine Club
Fill out our "Palate Quiz"
Receive credentials to join the Wine Club

Discover all the benefits of the wine club!

Order and cart:

The order placed within the e-commerce site is accepted, processed by La Cantina Pizzolato SRL only and only if the destination address of such order is on Italian territory.

A customer cannot enter a foreign shipping address. It will not be possible to place the order at and will not be able to proceed with the payment of the same. For requests for orders with destination outside the Italian territory please send a request for quote to the email address You will be contacted by the customer service of La Cantina Pizzolato srl with the relevant order quote, including shipping costs based on the weight of or package and delivery address. In the event that the order is addressed to a distributor in the indicated foreign area, the prices of the products may vary, which will be indicated in the same order quote.

Check the following steps:

  1. Verify that the number of items is in accordance with the minimum order (6 bottles even mixed)
  2. Verify that the total number of bottles selected is a number divisible by 3
  3. There is no minimum order quantity for the packs. You can also purchase a pack individually.
  4. Each package is read by the system as 6 pieces. For example, if you place an order of 5 bottles + 1 pack, the system will give an error because it will count 11 items and ask you to change the quantities entered. In this case, it will suffice to add one bottle to arrive at 12, which is a number divisible by 3.
  5. Bag-in-boxes count as bottles, so they are items to be counted within the 6-bottle minimum.
  6. Gift Cards, on the other hand, must be purchased individually in an order DISTINCTIVE AND DIFFERENT from the order of bottles or boxes. You cannot create a cart with wine items and gift cards. 
  7. Web promotions are read as 6 pieces. It is then possible to purchase the single promotion. After adding the promotion to the cart, if you want to purchase more single bottles they will have to be in multiples of 3. 

Certainly. You can enter the message in the "NOTE" section when filling out the order or send us an email to We will prepare a gift or greeting card for you to affix inside your carton.

Alternatively, a nice gift idea is our Gift Box "Raboso Box" where we can enter the name of the sender and the recipient of the gift. Write to us, we will be glad to help you. 


Immediate payment can be made through the PAYPAL circuit, credit cards, Bancomat Pay cards. Alternatively, you can make a payment by bank transfer in advance or cash on delivery (payment of goods on delivery- Service cost 8.50€).

  1. Check from your Paypal/card profile whether the amount has been deducted.
  2. Check the balance on your PayPal account/card.
  3. Please wait and try again later.
  4. Contact La Cantina SRL via phone at 0422 928166 or email


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