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Organic Wine Club

Gift Boxes


Let yourself be overwhelmed by the colors, flavors and scents: so many combinations for all palates and especially for all occasions, to dedicate to your special someone. 

  • "Tradition Box" Gift Set

    Dedicated Bio Tour Tradizione boxed set, to taste the tradition and history of a Treviso-born winery with strong organic roots and the estate's most indigenous wines at home as well.
    3 Bottles
  • "Prosecco Box" Gift Set

    Dedicated "Prosecco Experience" box set: the world's most famous bubbles in one gift box, from sparkling to sparkling even without added sulfites.
    3 Bottles
  • "Raboso Box" Gift Set

    The "Raboso Experience" box set is a personalized and branded box to send a special gift and thought to whomever you wish with the option to write to whom you wish to dedicate it!
    6 Bottles
  • "M-use - Reuse" Gift Box Set.

    Box set dedicated to the "M-use" line and its reuses, focusing on the concept of REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE.
    1 Bottle
  • "M-use Box" Gift Set

    A box set dedicated to the "M-use" line, which aims to make all palates and homes shine with its diamonds and bubbles, encouraging, in all its forms, reuse and recycling in a brilliant guise.
    3 Bottles
  • "Dragonfly Box" Gift Set - No Added Sulfites

    Box set dedicated to the world of red wines without added sulfites, wines that interpret our corporate philosophy characterized by the desire to respect the environment and eliminate the use of chemicals, a challenge we carry on every day with satisfaction and pride.
    3 Bottles
  • "Piwi Box" Gift Set

    Dedicated PIWI world box set with three PIWI wines from resistant vines and personalized, branded packaging.
    3 Bottles

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