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Organic Wine Club


Commitment, passion and method for the creation
of an organic wine without added sulfites

The dragonfly, a symbol of purity, accompanies the wines in this line.

Our spirit of research and our desire for innovation have guided us to produce the line of WINES WITHOUT ADDED SULPHITES, which consists of a Prosecco DOC Brut sparkling wine and three red wines: Merlot, Cabernet and Rosso Convento.

Much more than organic wines: no added sulfites, healthy and good

Producing Without Added Sulfites is possible!

Our wines without added sulfites follow a delicate and scrupulous processing to ensure a final result that still maintains the original characteristics of the grape varieties of origin and to allow the drinker to rediscover in the glass the fragrance of aromas and flavors of wines of yesteryear. Making wines without Added Sulfites requires special attention both in the vineyard and in the winery. First in the vineyard, where a careful and scrupulous selection of the best grapes takes place during the harvest. Then in winemaking where constant controls and monitoring are necessary to limit contact with the air and avoid any unwanted fermentation.

The Naturalness of These Wines: "The Dragonfly Being."

New labels in the line depict the dragonfly in all its artistic forms

The LIBELLULA line completes its metamorphosis by changing its guise. Four organic wines that since 2007 have seen different traits of this small but important creature pose, in each restyling, the same concept: naturalness.

The new labels of the LIBELLULA line tell the story of the metamorphosis of four quirky protagonists who want to be symbols of naturalness. For this reason, BEING LIBELLULA refers to characters who become and/or identify themselves into dragonflies to symbolize how human beings themselves belong to Nature by being an integral part of it. The free-flying dragonfly is, in fact, emblematic of a pure and pristine environment.


The new labels carry several allegorical meanings all descriptive of the wine they dress.

The new labels in the LIBELLULA line are intended to be a true work of art, forming a collection of four canvases. The labels feature a "brushstroke" background for a more realistic effect of the work. In the upper left corner, however, the stamp "ORGANIC WINE" recurs as if it were the signature of the author. The labels of all wines, then bear on the bottom, the description of the wine they dress as if it were the description of a painting in an art exhibition. The technique chosen for making the new labels is COLLAGE, an avant-garde style that breaks the mold in form and content. Similarly, our LIBELLULA line recounts the courage of having followed among the first, now more than 15 years ago, the path of wine production without the use of added sulfites. Similarly, the creation of a work through COLLAGE while it may be simple to make, turns out to be a rich and evocative technique that allows us to analyze the emotional and perceptual processes of the author.

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