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The iconic reuse bottle: between design and organic wine

The classic smooth dress that wine wears is overwhelmed by brilliant polyhedrons and transformed into a design object. A sinuous encounter between art, fashion, beauty and sustainability.

When beauty, design and imagination meet and marry the theme of sustainability, exciting, concrete and successful projects can only be born: "M-use" is not just wine, it is experimentation!

The project

"M-USE": lightweight glass and multipurpose packaging.

The classic plain dress that wine wears is ready to acquire new forms and identity by transforming into a design object.

A sinuous meeting of art, fashion, beauty and sustainability. "M-Use" is the champion of experimentation and contamination; of curiosity and innovation. Its name is inspired by the Greek gods of art and beauty and MULTIUSE, a primordial concept that positions respect for the environment and attention to materials as the basis of design. By purchasing "M-Use" you will take part in an eco-sustainable project that starts from the earth and continues at the table.

re-use, reduce & recycle

"M-USE: The Re-use Bottle.

"M-Use" the perfect frame to beautify your homes. An object usually used as a "wine container" takes on another "dress" and another life.

Creativity and vision of reuse. "M-Use" was conceived to become a design object and be a protagonist even after enjoying its contents. The special texture of the glass gives a touch of refinement and at the same time modernity to invent new uses. One bottle a thousand lives: candle, personal item holder, make-up corner. With m-use you can let your imagination run wild! A great gift idea for special occasions!

look book

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