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Organic Wine Club


Dedicated to those who, with a simple smile,
become the hero or heroine of the family or household.

The H. HEROES consists of three organic still wines: a white, a red and a rosé perfect for pairing with your everyday lunches or dinners.

Fresh, modern and trendy packaging, a bottle to always have on the table! A wine to look at and enjoy during a dinner with friends or family, with an easily memorized image that inspires strength and sympathy: that of comic books.

Unmistakable comic-style packaging

The H.heroes line was born in 2017, when two of the winery's historic wines, an organic white and an organic red, changed "guise" after an overwhelming idea: transform them into Superheroes, the same ones we can become in our daily lives. In 2019, the line is completed with a third rosé wine. Three labels hand-drawn by artist Francesca Cavallari, a well-liked name in the author group of, a well-known online newspaper, and a multifaceted girl, who has been entrusted with the task of contaminating the world of wine with new messages and ideas that to date, for this edition, come from the world of "comics."

Wines messengers of a solidarity project

Our organic H.Heroes wines have been the stars of a solidarity project supporting the Red Cross during the complicated months in the fight against Covid-19. 

Proceeds from the bottles were donated to the Italian Red Cross engaged in multiple community and health projects. The project was 100 percent supportive because all the people involved in the initiative made a voluntary and unpaid commitment to its realization. "To the superheroes of our day. Silent, invisible, but always present. Our most heartfelt Thank You."

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